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Senate Bill 1265 in California and Maryland

SB-1265 was designed to improve HOA laws and School Site Safety.

San Pedro, California 90732, United States Report:#1263346 and Report: #1475129

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Coast to Coast Con-Science

Toxic Algae Kills Fish and Breeds GIGANTIC Mosquitoes because the COP-cop-copy machine is broken.

Summer of 2018, 500 tons of marine life died because of toxic algae blooms caused by golf course fertilizers.


Giant Seaweed Patch

Foxconn boondoggle:

LA City Hall Rats

Stan Lee creator of "Got-Ham City" passes.

Saving the world means we must protect our aquatic ecosystems, & our water supply, along with our democracy within our public school system & Home Owners Associations. 

If you are a victim of HOA's historic oppression, contact the State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, along with Los Angeles branch of the FBI. Also, consider sending notarized affidavits of your claim along with witness testimony & video.

Office of AG Public Inquiry Unit

PO Box 3036

Sac, CA 



Ph 916.210.6276


Former LAUSD Superintendent, Ray Cortines, illegally hired and fired, his personal friend, as a means to extort over $10 millions of taxpayers' money.

Ray Cortines' lawsuit targeted LAUSD with a contrived litigation, that's oddly similar to the HOA's contrived litigation, that took place after illegally hiring & firing Plant Manager#1.

Tax payers are being fleeced and left with illegitimate expense without any truth or merit to their HOMOSEXUAL FAIRY TALES. 

BOD's has staged falsified accusations along with calculated negligence to validate HOA's conspired "fairy tales" within a fabricated and fraudulent lawsuits. 

Raymond Cortines 


BOD's has, historically, conspired to validate a contrived litigation to facilitate another HUGE payout or undeserving settlements without any evidence or validity which remains the systemic problem that rewards corruption within the BOD's contrived litigations at the ultimate expense of the tax payers that are being tricked and embezzled by organized criminals.

Tax payers are being fleeced by contrived litigations BOD's is placing financial obligations upon tax payers  without any truth or merit to their HOMOSEXUAL FAIRY TALES, beyond their staged and calculated negligence that's rewarding falsified claims by validating fabricated "fairy tales" within BOD's fraudulent lawsuits.

Former LAUSD Superintendent, Ray Cortines, illegally hired and fired his friend as a means to extort over $10 million of taxpayers' money. 

This LAUSD contrived litigation is oddly similar to the HOA's contrived litigation that took place after illegally hiring and firing Plant Manager#1 that was also based on contrived circumstance that alleged sexual harassment to extort money without any evidence, beyond conspired accusations, and false allegations to create a HUGE payout at tax payers' expense without any truth or merit beyond staging a "perverted plot" of calculated negligence to manifest their wealth thru FRAUDULENT litigations.

 The "Political Agenda" is motivated to attack the middle and lower class, teachers, farmers & fishermen, within a fear-based campaign, that also harasses the immigrant populations, to create more "streams of income" for the excessively wealthy that are creating a colonial communist fascist agenda that turns everyone into slaves or prisoners to earn immoral profits employing prisoners at $.29/day as an inmate within our penal system that are used to make profits for the privately owned prisons.

Taxation without representation is caused by globalized corruption that supports the elite 1% within the BOD's hidden agendas that are protected within a corruptible judicial system. 

It's likely that both Teresa May and Donald Trump aren't paying their taxes. Yet, they want to collect our tax dollars without returning benefit to the tax payers and middle class with opportunities to compete with corporate pirates & BOD's privateers. 

However, the middle class is an essential part of the economy, because, their wealth supports the lower class. Whereas, the upper class only supports their own interests of cutting costs and accumulating wealth without any conscientious obligation to humanity. 

Therefore, there's no justice within the judicial system, because, it's being manipulated by the BOD's that are involved with organized crimes against tax payers that own the Judges' opinion.

American corporate conglomerates & divisive tariffs are eating up opportunities creating monopolies within "the cloud" & within the farming & fishing industry. Therefore, American farmers & fisherman can't compete with corporate politics and counter productive tariffs. 

Meanwhile, EVERYONE is offered FREE "Turbo-Tax". Yet, no, "Turbo-Teach" or "Modern Professional Software" has been offered within the public schools to upgrade modern support. 

Therefore, public school teachers & students are living in the "dark ages" of a "paper paradigm", that's left the teaching profession behind in the chalk-dust, to suffer within an unevolved circumstance. 

Meanwhile, the BOD's treats LAUSD and public education like a heartless corporation that's not obligated to improve educational objectives beyond their individual private agendas to create their own personal or nepotistic money grab.

Instead LAUSD BOD's agendas are created to serve their private agendas that creates nepotistic self serving behavior to include nepotistic hiring and contrived litigations attached to HUGE $10 MILLION SETTLEMENTS. 

Unfortunately, over the past 50 years, the LAUSD hasn't evolved the educational paradigm beyond creating historic profits for book publishers and corporate vendors. 

Historically, tax payers, teachers and students are without a voice to speak-out against the PROFESSIONAL DISCRIMINATION and the BOD's financial impropriety to include validating falsified allegations. 

Therefore, students and teachers are denied professional support and respect within a modern digitalized world. 

Unknowingly, students and teachers are being OPPRESSED from LAUSD to NY City and teachers are without a voice to create change beyond following the BOD's and their private agendas.  

Public school systems are discriminating against students and teachers within the entire public education system. The Board of Education has failed to create any evolution of the educational paradigm beyond ignoring responsibility to the students and the teaching profession.

Therefore, taxpayers, teachers and students are stuck locked inside an outdated classroom and forced to indoctrinate book publisher's agendas of reselling the same information at higher prices with a new book cover which creates their endless PRIVATEERING and DISCRIMINATION.

Meanwhile, LAUSD BOD's has failed to create any changes or updates throughout their entire tenureship. 

The BOD's are married to both the book publishers and the teacher's unions. They are conspiring to create their PRIVATE agenda to eradicate public education and replace them with privately owned charter schools without any loyalty to teachers or students. 

Public school teachers are exposed to endless challenges, because, they're expected to follow book publishers' SELF-SERVING profit-seeking programs that facilitates outdated and ineffective advice without any concern for creating needed modern software or digital changes to archive lessons and openly share information because on campus internet access remains broken. 

BOD's creates counterproductive policies within prejudicial and discriminatory policies because of self-serving nepotism, that's protected within their quasi-government, that's divisively creating Selective Information and Selective Enforcement to perpetrate TERMLESS OCCUPANCY and endless discrimination through contrived litigations and excessive spending. 

Therefore, teachers are completely left on their own throughout their career to suffer within a stagnant profession, completely, controlled by an outdated quasi-government that's, INTENTIONALLY, void of modern support & insight.

Unfortunately, public education is failing to meet the modern needs of our students and teachers,  because, good ideas are unwelcome. Unless, the idea fits inside the "paper paradigm" or Pandora's Box that's conspiring and colluding to collect and extort more tax dollars without benefit to those they're paid to support. 

Oppression is the outcome of an unevolved education system that's run like a private business with a private agenda to serve the BOD's perverted accusations and nepotistic hiring and financial fantasies. 

Meanwhile, teachers are forced to pay into both CALSTRS and UTLA teacher's union that denies any meaningful support of the teaching profession. 

Nonetheless, they demand teacher's money only to remain a part of the problem, because, the LAUSD OMBUDSMAN along with the CALSTRS OMBUDSMAN and the UTLA Attorneys haven't offered anything beyond DIVISIVE DISCRMINATION and PROCRASTINATION that fails to seek the truth, hear the truth or speak the truth. Because, this is how they manifest embezzlement through falsified litigations.

American public education is long overdue for changes, that should outlaw academic copyrights and monopolies, before they suffocate, the teaching profession and the students along with the American Dream.

"HOA/LAUSD SYNDROME" is caused by oppressive Home Owner's Associations and the "termless occupancy" upon the Board of Directors that's systematically oppressing the American Dream to suit the nepotistic "Landlords", "monopolistic book publishers", and "crooked attorneys and book keepers" at the expense of our American Dream.

Americans are, also, UNFORTUNATELY and UNKNOWINGLY likely to...

"CHOKE or GOLF ourselves to DEATH".


No thank you, Mr. Pecker

Bezos Harassed by National Enquirer

It's essential to prevent private agendas from creating a quasi-government that sacrifices the overall quality of life in favor of NEPOTISTIC "CAR-TELS" and COLONIALISM that have no responsibility to any Code of Conduct.

3,500 IMMIGRANT CHILDREN taken away .

Further understand, wealth inequality is only going to continue to attack American Democracy  without any "trickle down effect", ever taking place. 

Because, wealthy people are ONLY divisively generous to create more wealth. Counter-productive self-serving behavior dictates manipulative manipulation of mankind without respect for life on earth or the American middle class. 

Meanwhile, the American middle class are the ones' that create economic support of the lower class. Because, the upper class only supports their own agenda of paying less taxes without creating support of middle or lower class. Instead, the upper class supports exporting American jobs overseas that supports Communism rather than the American middle class.

Therefore, we must safe-guard the middle class, along with, our public education system to preserve our American Freedom and our American Democracy to prevent creating a Fascist Corporate Communist Agenda that only serves the wealthy. Because, this is their means of creating further wealth inequality after "they" conspire to eradicate Public Education.

It is entirely necessary to "BELIEVE" that a free nation is dependent upon a freedom-based democracy.

Therefore, "we" MUST preserve and improve the quality of our public education system to prevent American freedom and American democracy from being sabotaged or destroyed by privatized charter schools.

Meanwhile, LAUSD teachers were forced to go on Strike to protest questionable work conditions. Historically, LAUSD BOD's hasn't improved public education, because, it has failed to offer professionally credentialed teachers any modern technology or professional software to establish modern communication and learning environment.

We must remember the "teachings and lessons" of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez. 

Then, we must UNIFY our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOIUSNESS to identify the problem, before, we can create a sensible solution. 

The problem of wealth inequality is not ONLY black, or ONLY tan, or ONLY yellow, or white. The problem is self-serving GREED. 

Wealthy people are creating wealth inequality, because "COLLECTIVELY" they love MONEY, more than, they love their COMMUNITY or value life on earth. 

5G Penetrates deep tissue and causes cancer:

WARNING: The BOD's are creating counter-productive policies and self-reward at tax payers expense. Unless, our "Collective Intelligence" learns how to UNIFY our "Collective Consciousness" to expose Organized Crime as the root of the problem.

With respect to all cultures and hard-working people, we're ALL being tricked by the board of directors (BOD's). 

The BOD's creates DIVISIVE gender/ethnic diversity to stage "Heartfelt Speeches" to create POLITICAL PANDOMONIUM that's instrumental to dictating DISCRIMINATION amongst all ethnicities within a bilingual setting to trick or rob, the middle and lower class communities.

Meanwhile, "self-elected" Organized Criminals are creating self-reward and wealth inequality while over-spending tax dollars in a counter productive scenario within a self-promoting environment to cover-up their historic felonious actions that favors the wealthy at the expense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The BOD's constant nepotistic preaching of "costly excuses" is creating deliberate procrastination in the name of "freedumb" that's allowing capitalistic greed to destroy our DEMOCRACY in the name of GLOBALIZED COLONIALISM and perpetual warfare that's jeopardizing life on earth, to create wide spread slavery, that favors: the elite robot economy and colonial communism.

LAUSD BOD's voted "No" on their own proposal to create a moratorium on spending to avoid INVESTIGATING the truth regarding historic OVER-SPENDING to DIVISIVELY avoid the BOD's misappropriation of money to avoid their legal obligation to PROVIDE MODERN SUPPORT within PROFESSIONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS throughout our public schools. 

LAUSD fails to create equality with regard to "dissemination of information". Historic lack of technology is creating oppression to prevent teachers, students and parents from learning and communicating the truth about counter-productive oppression created by capitalistic discrimination and greed.

HOA/LAUSD residents and tax payers are FORCED to believe in divisively created PROCEDURAL PROCRASTINATION that manifests HISTORIC PRIVATEERING. Therefore, long-standing problems create self-reward, along with, TERMLESS OCCUPANCY upon the BOD's, as long as, the BOD's continues to collude with upper class agendas of corporate interests and corporate law firms to steal our tax dollars. 

HISTORICALLY, solutions are DICTATED and decided upon to continue FABRICATING NEPOTISTIC POLICY MAKING without reasonable explanation beyond concealing UNNECESSARY SPENDING while creating retaliation and over taxation that favors the elite non-tax payers.

Therefore, LAUSD board of directors and UTLA teacher's unions are obstructing TEACHERS' capacity to offer modern academic programs or modern results creating modern day academic oppression within a stagnant educational system. 

Book publishers' MONOPOLY upon academic copyrights and trademarks are creating an "obstruction of intelligence" that limits free and open sharing of information. 

Book publishers are in charge of the educational CARTEL and the media outlets that create and support their political agendas to defame teachers that are victimized by discrimination. 


Because, this is how they preserve their political clout while earning money by keeping everyone misinformed or confused about the origins of our educational stagnation and ever-expanding debt caused by organized crime and injustice within the BOD's dishonorable judicial system.

Book publishers prevent open sharing of quality education, because, their corporate agenda is dedicated to protecting their corporate profits by reselling identical academic information at higher and higher prices. 

Long-standing political policies within public educational institutions own zero academic copyrights or professional software which causes our American Dream to be monopolized by book publishers, that own the copyrights and the colleges to facilitate endless profits, for wealthy shareholders resulting in Charter Schools and Privatized Prisons.

For 35 days, US Government workers were forced to work without pay creating wide spread volunteerism. Meanwhile, national debt grows. 


Meanwhile, the threat of another Gov't shut-down is looming and depends upon American's funding of counter-productive policies and trade tariffs.

MEANWHILE, job's reports are on the rise, because, everyone's got to take a second job as an Uber driver. But, what happens after iRobot creates a driverless fleet of cars?

PGnE, also, files for bankruptcy after being blamed for "DEW Wildfires" but who gets left with the bill? Then, PGnE earned 14% in one day after laying off workers. Therefore, American families suffer to improve PGnE earnings that benefit investors not working families.

Sears is also going out of business. 

Therefore, we must protect ourselves from tyranny and counterfeit money that's being printed and imported, across the high seas, from Korea. Because, this is a real threat beyond the imagined need of a border wall. Because, at some point, our national debt, $22 TRILLION will create adverse consequences.

Obviously, employing the US Coast Guard and US Customs Agents is far more necessary than a $10 billion border wall. Because, cartels aren't walking illicit drugs, counterfeit money and merchandise across the desert. Instead, thousands of people are walking 2,000 miles seeking political asylum caused by irresponsible colonialism caused by environmental destruction created by globalized colonial greed, along with, international and local cartels.

Further, realize, the Mexican port authority in Ensenada, Mexico is a HUGE HUB of international corruption that receives TONS of illegal shipments from ALL around the globe that are being TRAFFICKED right across the US Customs Border or LEGAL points of entry in Tijuana.

Currently, the Tisch family that owns Lowe's is creating the Tejon Ranch Project that consists of three separate HOA communities within California. 

Historically, HOA creates quasi-government and further suspicious economic gain within golf course community that offers outlet shopping at 60% discount. Yet, where are these products made and what's the economic and environmental impact of imported goods and fertilizers from golf course run-off?

Toxic algal blooms within fresh drinking water can't be boiled out to purify the water to make the water safe to drink.  

Therefore, we must protect our world's water supply from pollution in both fresh water and saltwater ecosystems. Meanwhile, red tide in Florida is jeopardizing human and oceanic life, tourism, commerce and food supply.

Termless occupancy on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS within HOA and LAUSD Board of Directors is, also, creating a swamp like effect within our local communities from LA to NY that is reducing the quality of life to protect NEPOTISM within the injustice of quasi-government's agenda to create PRIVATIZATION of public education, prison system and public water districts that's compromising overall health of our economy and tax payers. 

Animals, recently, affected by counter-productive policies include: whales, whale sharks, dolphins, birds, manatees, sharks, tuna, turtles, crabs, shrimp, gropers, dogs, frogs, immigrants, students, teachers, and gov't workers.

Domestic and international sources of pollution include: US Forest Service fire retardant, PGA golf course run-off into aquatic ecosystems, Scott's Miracle Grow, and unregulated farming caused by Home Depot and Lowe's retail sales of professional grade fertilizers,

Water pollution, also, includes Asian Carp invasion which is only 8 miles away from reaching the Great Lakes.

Unresolved water pollution will lead to expansion of privatization of public water districts and a decreased supply of native fish, because, "publically owned water" no longer sustains the same quality of life.

Political injustice is reducing the quality of life to protect NEPOTISM within BOD's private agenda of a quasi-government that's attacking both the middle and lower class. 

Privatized public schools or Charter Schools and privatized prisons will reduce opportunity for teachers and police to receive health benefits and pensions.

Unknowingly, the LAUSD expects public schools to be supported by the PTA. 

However, this isn't possible within low income communities where parents or guardians don't have any disposable income to earn PTA support or membership.

Therefore, the PTA's lack of support within poverty stricken schools, indirectly, creates discrimination.

Public school teachers within LAUSD are forced to "enjoy" working within an outdated and broken paper paradigm. Unfortunately, LAUSD has become more of a "popularity contest" that's not evolved beyond agreeing to indoctrinate HISTORIC profits for book publishers. Otherwise, the teacher will become a target of retaliation. 

Meanwhile, academic evolution remains oppressed within worthless staff development meetings that's controlled by quasi-government that are devoted to reprinting the same information with a new book cover.  

Amazingly, pointing out, that the copy machine is broken will invite the principal into your classroom with her "best friend", along with their "clipboards", and "check-lists" to generate retaliatory "conference memos" or "falsified accusations" creating divisive "administrative paper trail" or "contrived litigations" to steal your money or your pension within the quasi-government. 

Teacher Seniority is also a point of contention amongst teachers that's used to prevent veteran teachers from being rehired. Fellow teachers are divisively allowed to DIVISIVELY become part of the Hiring Committee to prevent veteran teacher from being rehired, after they've been injured and displaced from their job or transfered by vindictive  administrators and false accusations. 

Therefore, seniority, isn't likely to gain advantage for a veteran teacher, because, seniority will prevent them from being accepted by rookie teachers with less seniority that have been DIVISIVELY hired to discriminate against veteran teachers. Classroom assignments are DIVISIVELY chosen by seniority CREATING INTENTIONAL COMPETITION AMONGST THE RANKS TO UPSET THE VETERAN TEACHER'S CAREER. Instead or in turn less experienced teachers replace the higher paid veteran teacher which creates age discrimination.

This circumstance within LAUSD creates DIVISIVE DISCRIMINATION against Veteran Teachers after being injured on the job or falsely accused by a vindictive principal that's looking to create self promotion as a result of instigating teacher transfers which leads to veteran teachers being SYSTEMATICALLY fired to REHIRE A YOUNGER TEACHER WITH LESS SENIORITY AT A LOWER SALARY.

Often times administrators will employ the LA Sheriff's Department and the LAPD to create defamation against the Veteran Teacher within the teaching community by creating "Public Investigations".  

Unbelievably, however, the legal system and the BOD's both decided to hold tax payer's accountable for a contrived sexual harassment case involving LAUSD Superintendent, Raymond Cortines. This "ALLEGED" homosexually-based off-campus sexual harassment case ignored, obvious, facts involving nepotistic hiring and a contrived $400K litigation for a case that took place in Lancaster at Ray Cortines' home. 

Therefore, the LAUSD and HOA BOD's are never held responsible for their "FRAUDULENTLY STAGED" falsified allegations claiming sexually deviant crimes created by an 87 year old man that only weighs 87 Lbs. 

LAUSD BOD's legal and political inaction, negligently, validated fraudulent claims.  HOA conspires to perpetrate nepotistic embezzlement and financial impropriety through violence, retaliatory fines and contrived litigations. 

Because, Ray Cortines' "love-interest" is an "openly gay" 56 year old male that's apparently married to another man. The alleged victim of sexual harassment was hired by Ray Cortines and recieved  a hefty settlement based on false allegations that are supported with a "Right to Sue Letter" fabricated with help from the DFEH, Department of Fair Employment and Housing. DFEH views homosexual people aas part of a "protected class" and they are offered more protection under the laws that govern the DFEH compared to heterosexuals. However, these people involved with contrived litigations to steal money from children are mainly in love with money.

So, we are left with question: Why are we FORCED to make a case about what "ALLEGEDLY" happened inside an 87 year old man's house that lives in Lancaster which is far away from LAUSD? 

Obviously, this "conspired injustice" is all based on stealing money from naive children and powerless teachers, because, the UTLA teacher's union and the LAUSD BOD's are all in bed together.

Meanwhile, 87 year old Ray Cortines cashed out his $238K retirement fund and his "love interest" was also paid-off, because, the BOD's created self-serving negligence at our expense after instituting "legalized injustice" through historic misrepresentation and "obstruction of justice" created by a self-serving and counter-productive  "abuse of power".

LAUSD Superintendent Ray Cortines

Coincidentally, 110 freeway connects the LAUSD and HOA with the Hell Portal where NASA's Rocket King, Jack Parsons, hung out with L. Ron Hubbard instituting Alister Crowley's devilish spells that created the UFO Era leading to increased UFO activity. Furthermore, LAUSD is located at 333 Beaudry and HOA is 333 Miraleste Dr. 

On a parallel note, HOA Gardeners were illegally hired after firing GS Brothers without a quorum or community approval to create contrived litigation and professional defamation. HOA BOD's created malicious and divisive defamation within the HOA Newsletter and hired HOA gardeners to whisper into David Gonzalez's administrative ear. 

The HOA Gardeners' children were allowed to illegally attend Crestwood Elementary without a proper address. Because, the HOA, intentionally, allowed them to use HOA address to create retaliatory defamation at the expense of my teaching career and my teaching credentials, after, I discovered their "GAME PLAN" to institute Organized Crime Syndicate.

HOA Gardeners were illegally hired after firing GS Brothers without a quorum or community approval. $110K landscaping contract with GS Brother's, a professional subcontractor, versus paying $670K after ppaying falsified $150K litigations, inflated unauthorized $170K contracts, $7,000 severance checks, 8 fulltime worker's compensation benefits ($350K), nepotistic over-staffing with HOA BOD's family and friends.

513 townhomes exist within HOA where LAUSD students, LAUSD teachers, and PTA parents coexist and reside within the HOA just two blocks from Crestwood Elementary. 

After I was injured on the job at Compton Avenue Elementary, Michael Romero assigned me to work for David Gonzalez at Crestwood Elementary. Shortly after being reassigned, Christine Cassidy, took over Mr. Romero's position of authority and Mindy Kozel was assigned as my "Educational Specialist" while I was working as a Pool Teacher. Yet, David Gonzalez defamation denied me opportunity to work as "Substitute Teacher" whilst I was looking for a new school to work. He also refused to offer me a letter of recommendation which prevented me from interviewing for job openings in my area. Ironically, David Gonzalez was "ALLEGEDLY" fired for sexually harassing the parents and staff throughout his career. Therefore, guilty people are often guilty of projecting their guilt to create a divisive "GAME PLAN" to hide their guilt while blaming and victimizing the innocent. 

LAUSD administrators depend upon the PTA to spread rumors after the LAPD and LASD are called to conspire with the VENDICTIVE PRINCIPAL to instigate public on campus investigations based on divisively calculated complaints to ruin a veteran teacher's reputation ending the veteran teacher's career.

Then, the Veteran Teacher is replaced with a less experienced teacher to save money. 

LAUSD administrative head-hunters (Jennifer Mak, Sandra Du, Jennifer Eisner, Sandy Cruz, Mindy Kozel, Doreen Steinbaum, Barbara Branscomb, "Dr." Barbara Lake, Mr. Fenton, David Gonzalez, Dr. Nobles and Christine Cassidy) are expected to conspire to harass and discriminate by systematically instigating your immediate or imminent and intentional termination within their "HISTERHOOD" or quasi-government or Kangaroo Court that supports and protects their discrimination.

Unfortunately, logical solutions are faced with discrimination and retaliation to hide historic discrimination to conseal nepotistic private agenda that serves the few at the cost of many. 

Not only does the copy machine remain out-of-order without any money earned from PTA Bake Sales within low income schools. But, students and teachers health are also jeopardized within the old dilapidated LAUSD schools that become infested with bird mites in the attic. 

Microscopic bird mites fall from the ceiling onto students and teacher's desks. These vial blood sucking parasites are attracted to dead pigeons or diseased rats. 

These parasitic mites are also attracted to carbon dioxide that we exhale and can cause serious lung problems. And somehow, teachers are written-up and issued "conference memos" for discovering LAUSD NEGLIGENCE. 

Therefore, LAUSD expects students, teachers and staff to enjoy working in unhealthy TOXIC environment. Because, the administrators are ignorant tyrants as their prerequisite to getting paid by sustaining their agenda to DISCRIMINATE through OPPRESSIVE HARASSMENT.

LAUSD Board of Directors has ZERO obligation to anyone besides their PRIVATE NEPOTISTIC AGENDA to remain unevolved.

Injustice within the HOA and LAUSD turns a blind eye to their conspired Organized Crimes as a prerequisite to maintain their termless occupation.


Meanwhile, SB-1265 was redacted allowing felons to occupy the HOA and LAUSD Board of Directors which is huge source of concern that's at the source of the historic oppression and felonious abuse of power.

BOD's within HOA and LAUSD are required to hide nepotistic overspending and discrimination through retaliation or harassment that includes everything from long term HARASSMENT, DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION, NOISE NUISANCES, perjury, intimidation, extortion, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, contrived litigations, vandalism, slander and divisive professional defamation.

Therefore, the HOA deficit of $3.6 million is never investigated as an organized crime. 

Additionally, lack of PTA support in low income communities is never realized as discrimination against both students and teachers.

LAUSD Superintendent Ray Cortines

 Meanwhile, the LAPD is moonlighting as HOA Security and creating an annual $500K "conflict-of-interest" that's "hired to conspire" to harass the residents with retalitory fines to discriminate, harass and defame the residents as their duty that's contracted to create petty cash for the BOD's friends and family, because, their orchestra of attorneys are paid with our collective tax dollars. 

HOA Security and LAPD are employed to ignore the BOD's crimes by placing guilt upon the innocent. HOA Security is paid to create unwarranted fines to retaliate against the innocent victims to create their "slush fund" or "petty cash" that's used to hire endless legal services to conseal their crimes by falsely convicting the victims of their Organized Crimes.

HOA Security is paid to do the BOD's bidding to hide historic over-spending along with the source of the $3.6 million deficit that's not investigated by the District Attorney, until, LAPD is willing to report HOA assault and battery as being the MOTIVATED by organized crime. 

Quasi-government conspires to create divisive defamation to redirect HOA's guilt upon the innocent residents. Then, residents are forced to pay special assessments and increased HOA Dues because of historic nepotistic over-hiring and over-spending without any responsibility to any Code of Conduct.

HOA violence and deviant injustice to include sexusexual harassment is created to hide unjustified and unnecessary spending through deliberate and historic systematic retaliation.

Meanwhile, HOA residents are HISTORICALLY harassed by quasi-government and $10K in falsified fines after being physically assaulted and sexually harassed and defamed by HOA henchmen. Especially, if you've discovered, HISTORIC, nepotistic embezzlement, that's created through illegal hiring, NUMEROUS CONTRIVED LITIGATIONS and over inflated contracts.

HOA is targeting the "local indigenous HOA resident" that asks to see three bids along with the eliminate or reduce HOA risk of being caught or realized for creating nepotistic EMBEZZLEMENT through historic over-inflated invoices.

Parallel Side note of judicial impropriety within corporate America includes Bayer aspirin company (AKA: IG Farben). June 2018, Bayer bought Monsanto.

Bayer was actually allowed to be hired as the authority in charge of determining the extent of Monsanto's guilt or culpability in relation to their products causing cancer. Therefore, there's little chance of justice being instituted to protect people's health to prevent corporate BOD's from poisoning the PUBLIC.

HOA and LAUSD both offer divisive political injustice and discrimination...against logical solutions that attempt to hold board of directors accountable for their private agenda that's hidden behind closed doors.

Now, modern day plastic trash and the "Asian Carp invasion" along with historic trade agreements with communism have structured divisive tariffs causing farmers to go bankrupt.

Then, this allows Monsanto's corporate farming to spread across the globe without responsibility to the side-effects of their untested, unregulated and negligent or genetically modified products. 

Public school inefficiency is caused by self-serving nepotism that's quickly eliminating responsibility to middle class professionals in alignment with "Private Agendas" which are creating a toxic environment that only serves the private agenda or the top 1% of ELITE wealthy people.

Reality of school violence and school shootings is an example of another unrealized source of toxins or unresolved stress and discrimination that's killing students and teachers like the fish in the "Golf-Coast".

Domestic and international golf courses strategically fertilize the water creating pollution that kills fish in alignment with the "Privatized Agenda" to create Privatization of our water districts after toxic water becomes undrinkable and unable to sustain life within a sea of petroleum based plastics that never disappear or disintegrate. At this rate, soon the plastic will out-weigh the volume of fish in our world's oceans.

Therefore, teachers don't need guns.

Teachers need MODERN software to protect our democracy from being spelled, DUMBOCRACY.

Teachers need proactive video surveillance

that's interfaced in real-time with the police stations to prevent mass shootings and violence on public school sites.

Private HOA communities, also, need local law enforcement to prevent board of directors from getting away with HISTORIC organized crime to include election fraud and violent assaults to create extortion through intimidation and the American legal system's lack of justice.

Professional software and surveillance cameras would help keep public schools MORE safe while offering more transparency, archiving and sharing lessons and invoices in real-time.

Vital information should be shared throughout the entire educational paradigm and HOA community's to prevent embezzlement, fraud and divisive discrimination, along with, falsified fines, retaliatory defamation and contrived litigations. 

HOA Attorneys are violating SB-1265, because, HOA Attorneys are illegally involved within HOA election process to re-elect the same board members to recreate, historic, localized organized crime. 

LAPD is also alligned with the quasi-government within HOA and LAUSD to guard and protect their illegal election procedures to HELP protect, preserve and reacquire their, TERMLESS OCCUPANCY, upon the BOD's.

Therefore, "Conflicts of Interest" are legalizing LOCALIZED TERRORISM that's creating VIOLENT RETALIATION and PUBLIC DEFAMATION to extort our tax dollars from within the BOD's QUASI-GOVERNMENT, in broad daylight, 365 days a year, right under our collective noses, without any clue, about how to stop, this HISTORIC LOCALIZED TYRANNY.

Therefore, modern digital support should offer real-time-software to perpetuate CHECKS and BALANCES to prevent Organized Crminals from creating NEPOTISTIC BANKRUPTCY within both HOA and LAUSD.

Modern software for teaching professionals within public education should ensure that all the academic state standards are being met within each grade-level throughout the 36 week academic calendar. 

Modern professional software is necessary to prevent further professional discrimination created within LAUSD BOD's quasi-government, caused by SELF-SERVING negligence that victimizes the entire universe to benefit themselves along with the super elite royalty that has declared warfare in the name of slavery. 

Unresolved problems within our educational institutions DIVISIVELY prevents the general public from realizing how to collectively resolve our issues of WIDE-SPREAD ignorance that's ill equipped to prevent selective enforcement and selective information to avoid ignorance, incarceration and enslavement.

TERMLESS OCCUPANCY upon the BOD's is designed to DISCRIMINATE against educators and students across the entire UNIVERSE as their collective means to create more slaves.

We must learn to evolve the educational paradigm beyond discrimination caused by self serving quasi-government. WE must learn to elect board members onto the BOD's that aren't suffocating the American Dream, because, the BOD's are holding us back with their divisively designed politics to put our collective heads in their noose.

Public school teachers need modern professional support to meet modern expectations. 

Public school teachers need help evolving the classroom into a modern day educational paradigm that allows students to learn and teachers to educate, rather than, dictate lessons from teacher's manuals. 

A digital-lesson-plan-book would empower teachers, students and parents to evolve within a modern unified academic calendar that schedules educational objectives to evaluate and unify academic goals, throughout the student's academic life, as well as, throughout the teacher's career.  

This lesson plan book could share features of an e-book that could be arranged into six week blocks, that offers archived audio and video lessons to allow teachers opportunity to work one-on-one with students that require more individualized attention. 

Six assessments could also be scheduled throughout the academic calendar. 

This type of professional software would revolutionize teaching by respecting teachers as "professionals" beyond the "Keepers of Chalk".

Turbo-Tax for accountants should also be offered to professional teachers. This modern digital-lesson-plan-book should be named: TURBO-TEACH. 

Digital lesson planning book could be accessible to parents, students, teachers and administrators to keep the academic objectives realized within a modern digital interface to create open sharing of ideas without the threat of copyright infringement created by academic monopolies and proprietary trademarks to prevent book publishers from hoarding academic ideas and opportunities. 

Naturally, intelligent educational programs have existed for decades. However, they don't generally exist within LAUSD's OPPRESSIVE QUASI-GOVERNMENT or within oppressively low income public schools that are denied PTA support.

Professional software should include surveillance outside the classroom to realize what's going on before it happens.

HOA's shared community living shouldn't be allowed to facilitate nepotism that perpetuates discrimination within termless occupancy, because, this is the origin of discrimination and greed that "rules by fear" and intimidation caused by the BOD's collective nepotistic intimidation within our local communities that conspires with BOD's attorneys and LAPD.

HOA and LAUSD have legalized FELONIOUS Organized Crime creating anonymous defamation, discrimination, assault and battery, along with financial assault that's permitted to preserve their TERMLESS OCCUPANCY. 

Report:#1263346 Report: #1475129

HOA board members (2) conspired to illegally hire, Plant Manager#1, to create nepotistic embezzlement of $170K orchestrating, Los Gatos tree service to create unnecessary retaliatory NOISE NUISANCES, for 6-months, while GRINDING off Pool#2 fencing. Plant Manager#1 and Raul's Crew were hired to deliberately destroy PEACE and TRANQUILITY at Magday's and Holguin's request. 

Virgil Magday and Mike Holguin "CONSPIRED to create CALCULATED NEGLIGENCE" that intentionally failed to restrain Plant Manager#1's illegal $170K contract or his NOISY over-priced negligence. Then, they both suggested to issue their illegally hired Plant Manager#1 an undeserved $7K severance check, without attaining their, illegally hired, associate's signature. 

Yet, the HOA BOD's deliberately failed to acknowledge, the fact, that Plant Manager#1 blatantly violated the terms of his employment agreement. 

Next, they conspired with HOA Attorneys to validate Plant Manager#1's lawsuit. 

Meanwhile, HOA Attorney and the BOD's both conspired to ignore Plant Manager#1's negligent $170K contract and felonious spending. Therefore, the BOD's divisive hiring and negligent firing was designed to intentionally finance their associate's $150K contrived and retaliatory lawsuit to intentionally defame and harass the honest board member that exposed thei